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L'Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires de l'Ontario réglemente la pratique de l'hygiène dentaire dans l'intérêt de la santé et la sécurité globale de la population de l'Ontario.

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Questions regarding treatment of spouse

Toronto | sept. 24, 2019

The CDHO has received numerous phone calls and emails regarding the recent ruling in Ontario’s Divisional Court that upheld the decision of a panel of the Discipline Committee to revoke the registration of a dental hygienist who had treated his girlfriend. Sexual abuse is defined broadly in the Regulated Health Professions Act to include any sexual relations between a regulated health professional and a client. This includes dental hygienists. The intent of this provision was to prevent sexual abuse and has been in place since 1993. The penalty, which is mandatory revocation, is set out in legislation. The legislation is firm that this information must be posted on the public register. There have been some similar previous decisions which have resulted in revocation of a dental hygienist’s licence to practise. All previous decisions are posted on

In 2015, the College proposed a regulation that would permit dental hygienists to treat their spouses but this was not approved by the government and dental hygienists remained prohibited from having sexual relations with a client and from providing treatment to a sexual partner. The College has kept dental hygienists informed about the status of the regulation that is currently with the government and has been very clear that treating a spouse is not permitted unless the regulation is passed.

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