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Ask the Advisors: Orthodontic Procedures

RDHs can perform orthodontic procedures, so long as they have a client-specific order from a dentist. CDHO considers the dentist’s orthodontic treatment plan as evidence of the client-specific order when dealing with orthodontic procedures. If an orthodontic procedure is not in the treatment plan, a client-specific order must be obtained from the dentist before the treatment is provided.

CDHO receives questions about whether the dentist needs to be present when an RDH is performing the orthodontic procedure. The short answer is no! Supervision is not a requirement, and it is up to the dentist to determine the level of supervision that the orthodontic procedure requires.

RDHs can repair/replace a broken wire, re-cement a fixed appliance, place and remove resin attachments on the surfaces of the teeth involved with clear aligners, provide aligners, and take a client’s orthodontic records if there is a client-specific order or the procedure is in the client’s treatment plan.

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