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Annual Renewal

Registered Dental Hygienists with a General/Specialty or Inactive Certificate of Registration must renew by December 1 of each year through the Self-Service Portal. If you wish to resign, you must still log in to the Self-Service Portal and complete the appropriate form.

Renewal Fees

The renewal fees are as follows:

  • $415 for a General/Specialty Certificate
  • $215 for an Inactive Certificate

Fees are due on or before December 1. A $100 late penalty fee is charged for renewals received after the deadline.

New – Demographic questions added to renewal form

For the upcoming renewal, we have added a series of demographic questions to the renewal form. There is no requirement that you answer these questions. You may answer all, some, or none of the demographic questions.

These new questions ask RDHs how they identify along four diversity dimensions: Indigenous identity, visible minority identity, sexual orientation and gender identity, and disability. The data collected will help us better understand demographic trends in the dental hygiene profession and inform efforts to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. This summary of de-identified information is used for statistical purposes (reports, analyses, studies) and to provide figures regarding group representation in the profession. The questionnaire does not include every important diversity dimension, but the four dimensions that we have included cover aspects of identity that are generally recognized as being impacted by bias and discrimination.

We will continue to ask these demographic questions at renewal to allow us to track changes over time. If you provide responses, you will be able to change that information in subsequent years. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Important Dates

Renewal opensOctober 15
Renewal deadline (including payment of fees)December 1
Late penalty appliedDecember 2
Resignation deadline (if during the renewal period)January 1

Registered Dental Hygienists who do not renew will have their Certificate of Registration suspended and if they do not reinstate within two years, their certificate will be revoked. Once a certificate has been revoked, this will be indicated permanently on the Public Register.

Renewal Options

Current certificateCan renew as
GeneralGeneral or Inactive
SpecialtySpecialty or Inactive
General: If registered in the Inactive Certificate for less than three years*
Specialty: If registered in the:
• Specialty Class before going Inactive; or
• Inactive Class for less than three years*

*If you’ve held an Inactive Certificate for more than three years and you wish to return to practice, you must submit a change of status application. Learn more about changing your status.