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Annual Renewal

Registered Dental Hygienists with a General/Specialty or Inactive Certificate of Registration must renew by December 1 of each year through the Self-Service Portal. If you wish to resign, you must still log in to the Self-Service Portal and complete the appropriate form.

Renewal Fees

The renewal fees are as follows:

  • $415 for a General/Specialty Certificate
  • $215 for an Inactive Certificate

Fees are due on or before December 1. A $100 late penalty fee is charged for renewals received after the deadline.

Important Dates

Renewal opensOctober 15
Renewal deadline (including payment of fees)December 1
Late penalty appliedDecember 2
Resignation deadline (if during the renewal period)January 1

Registered Dental Hygienists who do not renew will have their Certificate of Registration suspended and if they do not reinstate within two years, their certificate will be revoked. Once a certificate has been revoked, this will be indicated permanently on the Public Register.

Renewal Options

Current certificateCan renew as
GeneralGeneral or Inactive
SpecialtySpecialty or Inactive
General: If registered in the Inactive Certificate for less than three years*
Specialty: If registered in the:
• Specialty Class before going Inactive; or
• Inactive Class for less than three years*

*If you’ve held an Inactive Certificate for more than three years and you wish to return to practice, you must submit a change of status application. Learn more about changing your status.