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The College’s Council, similar to a board of directors, makes policy decisions to regulate the profession, and other decisions in the public interest.

There are three types of Council members:

  • Registered Dental Hygienists (RDHs) from around the province, elected by their peers (9–12 individuals);
  • public members, appointed by the Ontario Government (8–11 individuals); and
  • faculty members of an Ontario educational institution that’s authorized to grant diplomas or degrees in Dental Hygiene, selected by registrants who are faculty (two individuals).

Council meets at least three times a year and these meetings are open to the public. Learn more about Council by reading CDHO’s Policy Manual.

Council Members

Professional Members – Elected

Terri Strawn, RRDH – District 5 – President

Michelle Atkinson, RDH – District 6 – Vice-President

Maheen Cassim, RDH – District 8

Krista Dufour, RDH – District 1

Farzana Hussain, RDH – District 4

Juli Kreutner, RDH – District 3

Vanessa Pereira, RDH – District 4

Balbir Sohi, RDH – District 2

Mary Yeomans, RDH – District 7

Academic Members – Selected

Anne-Marie Conaghan, RDH

Jennifer Cooper, RRDH

Public Members – Appointed by the Ontario Government

Loree Beniuk

Erin Betts

Pella Giabanis

Alessandro Greco

Ehizele Martin Iyamabo

Angelica Palantzas

Upneet ‘Sasha’ Sidhu

Margaret Wade

Third-Party Council Effectiveness Review

In June 2022, Council contracted Deanna Williams of Dundee Consulting to complete a third-party assessment of Council’s effectiveness. The assessment took place between June 2022 and February 2023. The final report was presented to Council at its March 2023 meeting. View the report.