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Non-Council Members

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to sit on a committee as a non-Council member you must:

  • Be registered in good standing (properly registered with no outstanding requirements) with CDHO;
  • Practise dental hygiene in Ontario or, if you are not practising, live in Ontario;
  • Not have any fees owed to CDHO;
  • Not be the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding;
  • (if the subject of an order from the Discipline Committee) have let six years pass since you completed all aspects of the order;
  • Not have any terms, conditions or limitations on your Certificate of Registration;
  • Not have been found guilty of an offence under the Criminal Code (Canada) or any other criminal offence in any jurisdiction within the last three years. A period of at least three years must have passed since you fully complied with any penalty imposed because of a finding; and
  • Have let one year pass if you were an officer, director, or employee of any association or organization representing the interests of Dental Hygienists.

Do I need any special qualifications or knowledge?

No! The Committee Composition Profile outlines the attributes CDHO is looking for from committee members, but this document is not meant to exclude individuals who don’t have the entire set of attributes. Committee members are provided with training to help them develop the desired skill set.

Will I be reimbursed for my time?

Yes. Non-Council committee members are paid an honorarium of $308 per day and any travel expenses that are incurred when attending meetings. In many cases, meetings are held virtually so there would be no requirement for travel.