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Change your Status/Resign

Inactive to General/Specialty

If you hold an Inactive Certificate of Registration and wish to return to practice, apply to change your registration status through the Self-Service Portal. Please note the following:

  • You will need to obtain up-to-date professional liability insurance.
  • If you have not practised in the last three years, you will need to successfully complete an approved refresher course or professional competency assessment before returning to practice.
  • You cannot return to practice until CDHO has approved the application. This can take up to 10 business days after the completed application is received.

General/Specialty to Inactive

If you hold a General or Specialty Certificate of Registration and are not currently practising but are planning to practise in the future, you may move to the Inactive Class. Learn more about the Inactive Class. RDHs can apply for the Inactive Class by submitting a request through the Self-Service Portal.


If you wish to resign, please complete the form in the Self-Service Portal. Registered Dental Hygienists who resign their Certificate of Registration can no longer practise as a Dental Hygienist in Ontario. If you wish to return to practice in future, you will need to re-apply as a new applicant.