Find a Registered Dental Hygienist


QA Assessors

Quality Assurance Assessors assist CDHO with auditing Registered Dental Hygienists’ records for the purpose of the Quality Assurance Program. The Assessors are practising Dental Hygienists and reflect the diversity of the registrant base, electoral districts and practice environments. Assessments are completed under the direction of the Manager of Quality Assurance Program. 

The assessor:

  • Reviews quality assurance records using CDHO assessment guidelines;
  • Conducts telephone interviews as required during the assessment process;
  • Coordinates and carries out scheduled on-site practice reviews with assigned Dental Hygienists;
  • Ensures that the assessments are completed within the specified timelines;
  • Completes a written report describing key observations and findings.

Selection Criteria

Quality Assurance Assessors must:

  • Be registered in good standing with CDHO;
  • Not be a member of Council;
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional practice;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to their own professional development;
  • Possess the skills, knowledge, judgment, and attitudes required for specific Dental Hygiene practice environments and related roles/area of responsibility;
  • Be familiar with the Regulated Health Professions Act in general, the Dental Hygiene Act and the CDHO Quality Assurance Program;
  • Have a working knowledge of Dental Hygiene process, the CDHO Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics;
  • Have good interpersonal/communication skills, oral and written;
  • Have good computer skills;
  • Be capable of objective observation and reporting;
  • Have a degree of flexibility with their work schedule; and
  • Be available for occasional travel.