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COVID-19 Update and Revised IPAC Guidance

As a result of many factors, including increased immunity and high vaccination rates, the risk of COVID-19 has diminished. Effective July 19, 2023, the CDHO has combined its Revised IPAC Guidance: COVID-19 document and its IPAC Guidelines into one document. The CDHO worked closely with the three other Ontario Oral Health Profession regulators (Dentists, Denturists and Dental Technologists) to align these changes in IPAC guidance.

The revised sections of the IPAC Guidelines are indicated in the document and can be found on pages 9, 13-14 and 43. Please note the following key changes:

  1. Given the reduced risk of COVID-19 and the winding down of government and regulatory guidance, it is particularly important that a Point-of-Care Risk Assessment (PCRA) be performed before any client interaction. RDHs are encouraged to continue to work with the oral health team to ensure an appropriate risk assessment.
  2. The selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment will be informed by the PCRA.

In addition to these changes, RDHs remain responsible for following any public health guidance. The CDHO will continue keeping RDHs updated on any changes to this guidance.

Please feel free to get in touch with the College‚Äôs Practice Advisors, Carolle Lepage and Tasneem Pirani, if you have any questions. They can be reached via email at, or by telephone at 416-961-6234 or 1-800-268-2346 ext. 226 (Carolle) or ext. 266 (Tasneem).