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Peer Circle Development Project – We Need You!

The Peer Circle Project is being developed as a virtual peer-facilitated group discussion using hypothetical Dental Hygiene cases as the focus of the discussion. The Peer Circle Facilitator guides a group of 8-10 participants through the discussion of these cases that highlight challenging and relevant practice issues. Participants in Peer Circles from other Health Professions describe a very positive experience interacting with their peers in a setting that is designed to support the development of novel approaches to problem-solving work through issues that are of significant interest and challenge to their profession.

We began the development of the Peer Circle Project in 2022 when we brought together a group of 20 Registered Dental Hygienists (RDHs) to begin drafting cases that will serve as the focus for the group discussions.  

We are now entering Phase 2 of the Project Development, the training of the Peer Circle Facilitators. We are seekingapproximately 20 facilitators that represent the diverse population of Registered Dental Hygienists across Ontario who are willing to participate in facilitator training and ultimately serve as facilitators for the Peer Circle Discussion Project.

EXPERIENCE AS A FACILITATOR IS NOT NECESSARY. WE WILL TRAIN YOU! Our Peer Circle Development Consultant will work with RDHs who are selected to help them develop the skills needed to be an effective facilitator.

There is a time commitment. A 2-day in-person workshop will take place in Toronto on March 20th and 21st. Future Facilitators will be trained to lead discussions using the cases developed by case writers in Phase 1 of this project. Following this workshop, facilitators will meet online as needed (likely 2 or 3 sessions) to practise their skills in preparation for Phase 3, when they will lead Peer Circles through the pilot testing phase.

If you are counting yourself out of this opportunity, think again! The primary requirements for those who participate as facilitators are ENTHUSIASM and commitment to the project! In terms of commitment, if you participate, we will need you to:

  • Be able to attend the initial 2-day workshop in Toronto on March 20th and 21st. The CDHO will cover all travel expenses and accommodations. You will also receive an honorarium for participation in the workshop and then subsequent facilitator training or participation in the Peer Circle Program as a facilitator.
  • Attend 2 or 3 online meetings following the workshop, with further availability to facilitate the pilot testing of Peer Circles – all dates and times to be determined.
  • Be in good standing with the College (not currently subject to any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding).
  • Currently engaged in Dental Hygiene practice within Ontario.

Members of the CDHO Council or a College Committee or individuals who currently serve as Quality Assurance Peer Assessors are not eligible to serve as facilitators.

Please take a moment to consider participating in this great opportunity. Facilitator training counts toward your Continuing Professional Development hours, as does serving as a facilitator once you are trained.  

Please Apply. You can do this by filling out a brief survey that will help us identify Registered Dental Hygienists from different areas of practice and with varying practice experience.

Follow the link below to complete a brief survey. The survey will close at 4:30pm, Thursday, January 19th. We will reach out to selected participants by email within about a week of the survey closing.

Thanks for your considering this great opportunity!

Peer Circle Facilitator Application Survey

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please get in touch with us at