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Why Governance Reviews Matter

CDHO exists to protect the public’s interests and is accountable to the public. To help ensure that CDHO is meeting its obligations to the public, it’s important that Council receives an external, professional viewpoint from time to time on its processes, systems and governance conduct against industry best practices. This is known as a governance review.

In September 2023, CDHO’s Council launched a governance review led by Harry Cayton and Deanna Williams, two internationally renowned experts in governance effectiveness. The review examined Canadian and international trends in regulatory governance modernization and included interviews with Council members and CDHO’s senior staff. The final report was delivered to Council in March 2024.

The review assessed Council against the nine Standards of Good Governance[1] and found that Council:

Met two standards

  • Transparency about its work
  • Oversight of the work of the staff team.

Partially met five standards

  • Clear governance policies
  • Engagement with clients and the publics
  • Appropriate engagement with the profession
  • Equality and diversity in decision-making
  • The board works corporately and with shared responsibility.

Did not meet two standards

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Strategic planning in the public’s interests

Out of the review came nine recommendations covering governance practices and policies, strategic planning, risk management, and diversity, equity and inclusion promotion. A detailed list of recommendations is available on page 25 of the Governance Report.

In keeping with its commitment to continuous improvement, Council is carefully considering all recommendations as CDHO continues to modernize its approach to health profession regulation in the public’s interest. We will keep you informed of our progress.

[1] These Standards of Good Governance were developed by the Professional Standards Authority in consultation with regulatory boards in the UK, Canada and Australia. They have been adapted for this review.