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Peer and Practice Assessment

Each year, a percentage of Registered Dental Hygienists are selected to undergo peer and practice assessment based on criteria determined by the Quality Assurance Committee that is published on CDHO’s website at least three months before the selection period begins.

When selected to participate in the peer review component of the program, Registered Dental Hygienists can choose from one of three options for demonstrating their competence.

Option 1Option 2Option 3
Allows for demonstration and verification of knowledgeLearning portfolioWritten assessment (QA test)Written assessment (QA test)
Allows for demonstration and verification of skills and judgmentPractice ProfilePractice ProfileOn-site practice review

Learn more by reviewing the Guidelines for Continuing Competency.

Quality Assurance Assessors assist CDHO with auditing Registered Dental Hygienists’ records for the purpose of the Quality Assurance Program. The Assessors are practising Dental Hygienists and reflect the diversity of the registrant base, electoral districts and practice environments. Learn more about QA Assessors.